Magnetron cleaner

magnetron cleaner

Before digital electronics became the norm such a component was used to allow radio and television receivers and other equipment to be switched on at minimum volume with an audible click, then the volume increased, by turning a knob. Multiple resistance elements can be ganged together with their sliding contacts on the same shaft, for example, in stereo audio amplifiers for volume control. In other applications, such as domestic light dimmers, the normal usage pattern is best satisfied if the potentiometer remains set at its current position, so the switch is operated by a push action, alternately on and off, by axial presses of the knob. Resistanceposition relationship: "taper" edit size scaled 10k and 100k pots that combine traditional mountings and knob shafts with newer and smaller electrical assemblies. Note the "B" designating a linear taper. The relationship between slider position and resistance, known as the "taper" or "law is controlled by the manufacturer. In principle any relationship is possible, but for most purposes linear or logarithmic (aka "audio taper potentiometers are sufficient.

Other materials used include resistance wire, carbon particles in plastic, and a ceramic/metal mixture called cermet. Conductive track potentiometers use conductive polymer resistor pastes that contain hard-wearing resins and polymers, solvents, and lubricant, in addition to the carbon that provides the conductive properties. Pcb mount trimmer potentiometers, or "trimpots intended for infrequent adjustment Electronic symbol for pre-set potentiometer Others are enclosed within the equipment and are intended to be adjusted to calibrate equipment during manufacture or repair, and not otherwise touched. They are usually physically much smaller than user-accessible potentiometers, and may need to be operated by a screwdriver rather than having a knob. They are usually called "preset potentiometers" or "trimming pots". Some presets are accessible by a small screwdriver poked through a hole in the case to allow servicing without dismantling. Multiturn potentiometers are also operated by rotating a shaft, but by several turns rather than less than a full turn. Some multiturn potentiometers have a linear resistive element with a sliding contact moved by a lead screw; others have a helical resistive element and a wiper that turns through 10, 20, or more complete revolutions, moving along the helix as it menstruatie rotates. Multiturn potentiometers, both user-accessible and preset, allow finer adjustments; rotation through the same angle changes the setting by typically a tenth as much as for a simple rotary potentiometer. A string potentiometer is a multi-turn potentiometer operated by an attached reel of wire turning against a spring, enabling it to convert linear position to a variable resistance. User-accessible rotary potentiometers can be fitted with a switch which operates usually at the anti-clockwise extreme of rotation.

magnetron cleaner
of three. For single-turn potentiometers, this wiper typically travels just under one revolution around the contact. The only point of ingress for contamination is the narrow space between the shaft and the housing it rotates. Another type is the linear slider potentiometer, which has a wiper which slides along a linear element instead of rotating. Contamination can potentially enter anywhere along the slot the slider moves in, making effective sealing more difficult and compromising long-term reliability. An advantage of the slider potentiometer is that the slider position gives a visual indication of its setting. While the setting of a rotary potentiometer can be seen by the position of a marking on the knob, an array of sliders can give a visual impression of, for example, the effect of a multi-band equalizer (hence the term "graphic equalizer. The resistive element of inexpensive potentiometers is often made of graphite.
magnetron cleaner

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Potentiometers are rarely used to directly control significant power (more than a watt since the power dissipated in the potentiometer would be comparable to the power in the controlled load. Contents, nomenclature edit, there are a number of terms in the electronics industry used to describe certain types of potentiometers: slide pot or slider pot : a potentiometer that is adjusted by sliding the wiper left or right (or up and down, depending on the. Construction edit Drawing of potentiometer with case cut away, showing parts: ( A ) shaft, ( B ) stationary carbon composition resistance element, ( C ) phosphor bronze wiper, ( D ) shaft attached to wiper, ( e, g ) terminals connected to ends. A mechanical stop ( H ) prevents rotation past end points. Single-turn potentiometer with metal casing removed to expose wiper contacts and resistive track potentiometers consist haag of a resistive element, a sliding contact (wiper) that moves along the element, making good electrical contact with one part of it, electrical terminals at each end of the element. Many inexpensive potentiometers are constructed with a resistive element (B) formed into an arc of a circle usually a little less than a full turn and a wiper (C) sliding on this element when rotated, making electrical contact. The resistive element can be flat or angled.

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magnetron cleaner

If there is evidence of poor terminal connections (i.e., discolored, burned, pitted connectors repair or replace the slip-on connectors on the filament leads. The complete microwave oven service handbook. Operation, maintenance, troubleshooting and Repair, copyright 2013 by john. Gallawa, boost your expertise and your level of income more than before. Discover how microwave ovens work, how they fail and how to safely and successfully fix them with simple step-by-step belt instructions, hands-on video clips, down-to-earth component by component explanations. See nearly 400 pages of fully searchable text and vivid illustrations for easy research and gathering of information. Learn hundreds of professional tests and troubleshooting procedures clearly illustrated and explained in Microtech's comprehensive new cd-rom.

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Be sure to transfer any add-on parts, such as an air duct or thermal fuse. Insure that the wire mesh rf gasket is intact and ijburg in place. Examine the rim of the opening where the magnetron dome is to be inserted into the waveguide. Smooth out any irregularities, such as dents, pits, and burns. The rim surface should be bare metal, smooth to the touch. Use light-grade sandpaper - do not use steel wool. If possible, perform wandelen and rf leakage check around the magnetron.

magnetron cleaner

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The magnetron filament resistance should be less than one ohm. Test 2, with the meter set to the highest resistance scale, check from the magnetron terminals to the metal magnetron housing. (Be careful not to touch the meter leads as this will result in a false reading). The meter should read infinity (open circuit) regardless of meter polarity. Even a slight reading would indicate a defective magnetron. Replacement Considerations, be careful not to strike or goed touch the antenna dome area. Do not set the magnetron near anything that is susceptible to magnetism, such as a computer hard drive, computer or tv monitor, any type of magnetic media, or certain types of watches.

The following resistance tests will conclusively reveal a magnetron that is shorted or one that has an open filament winding. Test 1, unplug the oven (make sure the oven is completely disconnected from any power source). Discharge all high voltage capacitors. Procedure, carefully remove all leads from the magnetron terminals. Proper wiring is important so make notes of the wire locations. Set the ohmmeter to koolhydraten its lowest resistance scale. Measure the resistance from one magnetron terminal to the other in either direction.

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This article is about the electrical component. For the measuring instrument, see. A potentiometer is a three- terminal maaltijden resistor with a sliding or rotating contact that forms an adjustable voltage divider. 1, if only two terminals are used, one end and the wiper, it acts as a variable resistor or rheostat. The measuring instrument called a potentiometer is essentially a voltage divider used for measuring electric potential (voltage the component is an implementation of the same principle, hence its name. Potentiometers are commonly used to control electrical devices such as volume controls on audio equipment. Potentiometers operated by a mechanism can be used as position transducers, for example, in a joystick.

Magnetron cleaner
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